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Specialized Services


xpert Prospective Technical Project Advisement

Consulting Services to Take Your Company to The Next Level



Depend on TechIntel Solutions to provide comprehensive counseling when making those difficult decisions as you consider a transition or change with your business. Your business is important to you and we want to help you make an informed decision so you can take your business to an all new level.  Let us walk alongside you with future IT decisions, moves, and other important business decisions.

Expert Prospective Technical Project Advisement


Do you have a major IT project that you want to initiate, but want to make sure every dollar is being spent wisely, and that you are making the right decisions?  TechIntel Solutions, LLC wants to work with you to create an action plan and decide what you need to implement in order to continue your company's success.




Interim CTO Transition Support


Is your company currently without at CTO or in the process of a transition?  TechIntel Solutions, LLC is happy to stand-in as your company's CTO, or help transition your newest C-class employee into his or her position.


Professional Advisement Regarding Forthcoming Technology


Keep your company one step ahead by consulting with TechIntel Solutions, LLC to see what your company needs to have implemented into its network plan.  We stay on top of the newest technology that is available, and will help decide what solutions are best for your company.









IT Analysis


Let TechIntel Solutions, LLC analyze your current network to make sure it is working as well as it can for your company. We will inventory what you have, listen to how it is currently fitting your needs, and suggest improvements to make it work even better.

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