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Let TechIntel Solutions, LLC Make the Decisions for You


Decisions are never easy, especially those which require technological foresight and expertise. Let our experts take the stress out of your IT decisions by allowing us to consult with your company to determine exactly what your needs and goals are, saving you money, and taking your business to an all new level!

Consulting Services Dedicated To Keeping You Ahead of The Curve

We all know that technology changes on a daily, if not hourly basis. Don't let your business miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on the newest technology, and run more efficiently!  TechIntel Solutions, LLC wants to keep you ahead of the curve, and keep your business on the cutting edge, by consulting with you on a regular basis to see what your business should be taking advantage of to stay at the top of its industry!

One of A Kind Customer Service

Your business can't afford to be down because of a techniclogical issue, and when it is, fixing it as fast as possible is key.  TechIntel Solutions, LLC makes providing excellent customer service a top priority.  We work hard to maintain your network so these moments are less likely to happen, and when they do occur, we want you to feel like you have a strong partner to get you back up and running in no time.  We make it our goal for your experience to be a pleasant one, which we know is rare with many other IT companies.

Solutions That Are Affordable and Customized

At TechIntel Solutions, LLC, we work hard to work with your existing infrastructure, supporting your IT needs.  We evaluate your system, listen to your questions and concerns, and use our expert knowledge to fuse all needed elements together, creating a network that runs more efficiently for your business.  TechIntel Solutions, LLC not only focuses on how to improve your network immediately, but also works hard to implement solutions that will keep your network healthy and significantly decrease the number of issues it experiences.

Honest and Real Solutions That Work for Your Company!

One compliment that TechIntel Solutions, LLC's owner and CEO, Russell O'Pry, has heard year after year, refers to his high level of trustworthiness and customization.  Clients consistantly comment that he breaks things down in a way that aids their understanding of technical issues and increases their comfort level.  TechIntel Solutions, LLC prides itself on creating solutions that work for your company; not cookie cutter ones that your company is forced into making work.  We take delight in evaluating your needs, and working together with you to create a conservative solution that is going to give you the most success, and yet still be cost effective.

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